Gifty Gloves (in progress)

By Kj Hay, in Crochet Today!’s special issue “Must-Have Accessories” (2010). Using Patons Kroy Socks Stripes in Mulberry Stripes, which I bought on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby – Mom & I had a day out in Evansville, and I dragged her to HL. I think we saw a movie, too… Or at least talked about seeing one together.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the pattern so far, though it’s much slower going than I’m used to, since I tend to do lacy fabric with much thicker yarn. When I was working on this while Mom & Dad were visiting, Dad suggested I could make him a pair, if I chose a monotone yarn (I think he suggested grey). I actually started a pair for him a couple years ago, using an alpaca blend yarn in charcoal, and a different pattern, but ended up deciding to do something different for him. I need to dig out that project though, since he requested I make him something – which I don’t think he’s ever done before. He also mentioned that he should keep the coffee cup cozy I made him in the car, so he’d use it, since the cardboard rings don’t insulate enough (this said during one of our visits to Starbucks). Which made me squee inside!

So yeah. I’m way behind on gifts, and have non-gift projects in progress… I’m loving making the Granny Stripe afghan, because even though I’m making huge (wide enough to fit on my queen-size bed), it goes so fast I make visible progress everytime I work on it. I’ve been thinking I should stash-dive to make throws for family gifts using the same pattern – that would cut down on the number of gifts to make (one for sister’s fam, one for parents, one for bro-in-law’s bro’s fam – who lives 5min from my sis/bil). Then I could still get happy hooky feelings, and get gifty accomplishment feelings. Must stash-dive tomorrow after work. (:

And speaking of, I need to send this off & get to sleep. Sent across the cyberweb by Blackberry

Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


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