Twitter & Jake love snuggling on Grandpa Moran’s afghan

I got this ripple afghan when Grandpa died. My sister got one that was all white, iirc. Some of the yarns are scratchy, and I think someone tried to iron the afghan at some point, or put it too close to a radiator, because part of it feels like it melted a bit (darn acrylic yarns). It also has a couple holes, from when a mouse decided to snag some fiber for its nest, when I made the mistake of storing the afghan in Mom & Dad’s shed. The colors are a bit garish, and I have no idea who made it, whether it was made with Grandpa in mind, or if he bought it at a yard sale/fundraiser or similar. I know he was active with the local library for years, so maybe it was a library event.

It’s not a huge thing, not knowing, but as a crocheter, I know someone spent hours and hours making this. They decided on the color combinations, alternating scraps of solids with variegated yarns, making ripples of different widths.

I’d love to know who made it, just to be able to tell them the meaning this afghan has taken on for me, in the years since my grandpa passed away. It may not look like much to some people, but it will always be special to me, because it connects me to my grandpa.
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Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


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