On the Border…

I ran out of the Bernat Chunky (brown/rust/pink shiny yarn) and so started on the border of the Granny Stripes throw. Finished the ball of Rainbow Classic (brushed pink/purple) but I’d bought another 11oz skein from JoAnn’s, because it was on sale & I hadn’t found another yarn I liked better for an edging. I have approximately 1/3 of the ends woven in, and should really remind myself (while I’m stitching) how much I prefer doing Russian joins, rather than weaving ends into multi-colored yarns after the fact.

So it’s going to be somewhat of a lapghan size, but I hope it’s appreciated anyway.

Mary loved the scarf I gave her (belated b-day/ and thanks for meeting me to see HP, so I didn’t have to go alone, gift), that I crocheted at the HCCR exhibit, and was amazed that I was able to complete it in a single day.

Didn’t do any spinning, because I wanted to get more done on the GST. Maybe this year presents will arrive on time, if I keep up the progress.
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Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


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