Pet store fiber geekery

A little while ago 2 women came into the store because they’d fallen in love at first sight with one of our new “A Cheerful Pet” wool felt toys – a colorful octopus. During our conversation one of them said she belongs to a local fiber arts group, and invited me to come out this weekend to their event. I explained that I have an SCA event to attend, but gave her my email & she said she would send me info about the group.

I also told them about & we discussed the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibit – they’d just been to see it, and the other woman asked to shake my hand when I said I’d contributed 2 pieces. They thanked me for being a part of it, and were amused & surprised to find an avid fiber artist at a pet store.

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Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


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