Winding down/off at an event

I didn’t do a lot today and it was wonderful! I went to my barony’s event, which was a low-key social day – lunch, chess tourney, silent auction, and socializing. I played with fiber tools & talked fiber geekery with others in my barony, and it was great! I wound off the blue/black yarn from the bobbin using a niddy-noddy, then later started a center-pull ball of the laceweight purple, using a nostepinde. A couple people were surprised I was able to spin such vastly different yarns on the same wheel. I need to rinse the blue/black & measure it (wip & yardage) so I can put it onto my site. I need to finish winding off the laceweight so I can ply it – it will likely not be going onto ArtFire, though I don’t have any current plans for it. But, none of this is happening tonight. I’m contemplating a nap. Is it too early for bed?
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Kristin Moran
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2 thoughts on “Winding down/off at an event

    • Wow, thanks! I have no idea what I’d charge for it, since I wasn’t paying attention to how long it took me to spin & haven’t measured the yardage. I have another 4oz bump in the same colorway, I’d be happy to spin that up & keep track, then quote you a price, would that work?

      The wool came from Wild Hare Fibers, I adore her vivid colorways.

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