Second cuff nearly done

Okay, this amuses me, so I’m going to leave it for now, auto-transcripted speech recognition by “Dragon for E-mail” a free app for my Blackberry:

I’m trying out Dragon app for BlackBerry which is listening to what I say and transcribe what you sprinkle am I a bit started working on bed and cost this morning well I turned in yesterday but I ended up working out and restarting compound and the one modification and making him besides the fact that strike is dad doing three change him to start a trial I’m doing a chain one with the new color and then time doing a Francos double crush a into that good chain right below it that way it doesn’t mean visible fiend I am very flexible team on the inside him you can see the day you are and sometimes twisting around each others as they travel up because I’m getting away and I am cut coffee on at the end of the trail so I’m carrying you

Him and like it’s doing pretty well at figuring out what I’m saying him so I’m really enjoying peace 2 yards on today cash mirror which has been discontinued by Burnett and the story am I think they look really nice together and I’m home and they’re really soft and my store

Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


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