Rhubarb Pie

This morning I overslept, so was late for the Spinning Open House. I briefly debated not going, because I’ve been feeling kind of mopey, but I’m so glad I went! There’s something so wonderful about sitting with other spinners, discussing fibers, comparing & contrasting the various wheels, and feeling like you belong, where other people just get you and your fiber obsession.

I met some wonderful people, sat next to a very nice man who was also spinning on a Babe (we compared our different models, noted some of the improvements they’ve made since mine was assembled, over 10 years ago), and chatted SCA, because some of the other women have played.

I brought with me a Gurdy Run roving (4oz 50/50 wool/mohair blend) in the Rhubarb colorway, purchased at Uniquities a few months ago. I have all this fiber & love spinning, but sometimes I go months without spinning. I don’t know why.

I also brought me Sweet Pea shawl, as I’d spun much of the yarn at this get-together in previous months, and received numerous compliments. It’s such a happy blend of greens, and is a squooshy yarn, I can’t wait until the weather warms up a bit so I can start wearing it. Right now it’d end up being bundled under other things.

Two women also gushed over my handspun/crocheted cowl. I wear this almost every day in the winter, and was worried at first, because it’s white, and superfine merino, but it’s holding up just fine. It’s felted a tiny bit, but that’s fine by me.

Instead of wearing a coat, I tossed on my navy blue alpaca poncho, gifted to me by a dear friend in Indiana. Hed gotten it in South America years before, and hadn’t worn it for ages, so gave it to me, because he knew I’d love it. And I do! Unfortunately, so do my cats, so I have to keep it away from them. Its currently sporting some white hairs, I think from Kapone. Ah well.

I am going to start hosting fiber arts nights again for my local SCA group. Setting aside time to craft is important. It feeds my soul. That may sound cheesy, but it’s the truth. And crafting with others is more fun than doing so alone, though I certainly do that as well.

Speaking of, I need to finish off Mom & Dad’s gifts, so I can get them in the mail.

Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


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