Black & gold thick&thin wool yarn in process


This is part of one of the braids I bought online from Melissa of Wild Hare. I don’t remember what breed of sheep it is, but it is so silky soft! My roommates didn’t believe it was wool at first, and said they loved the feel and the colors.

This yarn would be great for the Boilermaker, Steeler fan, etc. in your life, and I also find it fitting because 2 of the SCA groups I’ve been involved with have had these colors – Riviere Constelle in the Midrealm, and currently Ponte Alto in Atlantia.

I’m about 1/2way through plying this yarn, and I have another couple ounces of unspun fiber, that I’ll likely spin up to match. I’m thinking of listing them separately, in case someone is looking for a small hank – to make a scarf, or a hat. With both, or combining this with another yarn, you could make a larger project.

Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


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