Peppergrass Targhee, striping quite nicely


I’m leaning toward chain plying this. I enjoy chain plying, both the process and how the finished yarn looks. This wool has such a nice sproingy quality to it. Very easy to spin, and such lovely colors.

Dyed by Mountain Colors Inc. Purchased at Uniquities Yarn Shop, Vienna, Va.

Kristin Moran
DreamSpun Fiber Arts


2 thoughts on “Peppergrass Targhee, striping quite nicely

    • Thanks! I do too. It simply had to come home with me. I’m undecided on what it’s going to become… it might go in my shop. Yeah, I know, I keep talking about the shop, and haven’t actually put anything in it, yet.

      But I’ve got housing settled (my current lease ends mid-May, I’m going to be living out in the country, renting a room in a house in the woods – SO excited!), so that’s one less worry on my plate…

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