My spinning sunburn


I wore long sleeves and a hat most of the day, which is good, but neglected to put on sunscreen. Dumb. I also am slightly burned on my shins, because I wore capris.

My hands burned like this because I was spinning on my wheel for a few hours – see that the thumb & index finger area tool the worst?

I should have printed business cards, too, because people were very interested in the spinning process. Not so much the yarn, so maybe it wouldn't have mattered. A nice man from Italy took a picture of me spinning on my pvc Babe wheel to show his Fb friends, because he didn't know that people still spin – he said he never saw anyone doing it back home.

It would be funny if our friends in Verona ended up seeing it – if is been thinking more clearly I'd have asked where in Italy he is from.

It's cloudy today. Need to get showered and start hauling more stuff to the new place.


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