Nearly moved…

I am deliriously excited that the end of my move is less than a week away. I’ve been moving by carload, which is not something I’d recommend, but you do what you can, right?

Plus, I am so inspired by my new place – it’s out in the country, and every night when I get out of my car, I hear frogs singing. One night, I even heard an owl.

My room is a complete wreck, but it will get better, and I can pull my wheel out to the back deck, the living room, or any of the other common areas of the house to spin.

I didn’t make it to MD Sheep & Wool – our store attends/sponsors a large pet event that weekend, so it’s difficult to get away. Maybe next year. Not that I had extra money to be spending on fiber…

Anyway, I wanted to touch base quickly. I’m still here, just busy.


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