Stresses resolved

The two things that have been keeping me up at night, and worrying during the day were the move out of the townhouse into the country house (or at least, a room thereof), and the escape of one of my cats, Jake (last Sunday).

I turned in keys to the townhouse Weds morning. I still have some things in my car, that I seriously need to get into my cluttered room, but aside from hearing about any deposit that might be coming back, and resolving the final month’s gas & electric, I’m done. It feels so good to be in my new space.

And last night, around midnight, I woke up, having fallen asleep reading, and decided to take Roxi out & bring in some groceries (I stocked up on non-perishables, but only brought a few in when I got home). My landlord was up, and told me when I walked in with my hands full that Jake was in the garage! He hadn’t been able to get him, but he’d cornered him under the workbench while another tenant closed the bay doors to the garage, so he couldn’t escape.

I dropped off the bags of food in my room, went out to confirm it was, indeed, Jake, then scooted back to my room to get food to entice him out. After a few minutes, I had him in my arms, and we headed back to my room, to be greeted by Twitter, Kapone, and Roxi! More food came out – he’d definitely lost some weight during the ordeal, but he’d been a bit heavy, so I’m not terribly concerned. He also drank a lot of water, poor boy.

I’d had nightmares about finding him dismembered, hit by a car, having died from exposure, etc.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, because I kept reaching over to pet him, and he’d respond with his mighty purr (it’s definitely one of the loudest purrs I’ve heard from a cat). He curled up against me, nursed on my earlobe (something he’s done since he was a kitten), and let Twitter groom him. Kapone growled a bit, grumpy old man that he is.

Tonight I’m going to spin. On the deck, I think, unless the insects are annoying.



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