Sapphire Tourney camping

I got back late last night from the weekend’s SCA event. I went down Saturday morning instead of Friday night, since the weather was ominous & I’d forgotten a few key items (including my tarp – although, in retrospect, I think having the tarp under the tent created more problems than it solved, as the rain would’ve soaked into the ground & not puddled under my things… next time I’ll put a tarp inside the tent as well.

I didn’t do much, basically stayed at the Ponte Alto encampment & chatted (well, mostly listened) with other barony members. It was wonderful! I took one lap through the merchant area, but since I didn’t have money to spend, didn’t look terribly closely.

I baked vegetable & cheese pasties for Saturday’s potluck – I think they were a bit too soft, could have baked a bit longer, and sealing them in ziploc bags likely didn’t help. But other people said they enjoyed them – some toasted them over the fire pit for a few minutes. The flavor was quite good, I thought. I have more stuff for fillings, and I believe I have Bisquick, so may experiment some more this week. Yay real foods. We also had several home-baked breads, cheese made at the encampment (SO good!), beef roasted over the fire (OMG, fabulous), homemade guacamole (yum!), salad (from someone’s garden) with camp-made vinaigrette… and many more wonderful items! Plus people made breakfast & lunch over the fire & on a propane stove. Pontoons eat very well. Next year I want to contribute more, but I did what I could for this year, and it was well received.

My 10×13 day shade, which was a cheapie I bought at Big Lots for $45, provided good coverage during Saturday evening’s rain, but decided to collapse Sunday afternoon just as I was starting to take down my tent. I’ve never seen the corner joints collapse as these did. Annoying, but that’s what I get for trying to save a few dollars… Ah well, at least it held up during the rain. And it provided impetus to make my own day shade, with durable fabric, poles, and ropes. Rar. I’m not quite up to making my own pavilion, though I dream of some day having one… but a day shade shouldn’t be that hard. … And because I’m good at making things even more difficult, I just got a mental image of a multi-colored jumbo-sized lucet cord for the tie-down ropes. *headshake*

Oh, and I got some spinning done for my tapestry project – for Chalice of the Sun God – I’m spinning Jacob wool in 3 natural shades of grey. The middle grey, which I’m currently spinning, will be the warp, which will be covered by the 2 other colors of weft. I found a beautiful mosaic of the minotaur in a labyrinth that I think will work well for the project – it’s a Roman excavation in Conimbriga, Portugal.

So that was my weekend. A lot of relaxing and socializing, which is just what I wanted. It was hot at times, but a lot of fun, too. And it ended with a wonderful dinner with a few other barony members on the way home, and then once I got home, being greeted by my furkids!


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