Article idea: multi-use yarn comparison

I was just looking over the latest newsletter from Spin-Off, where they’re promoting their new emag, SpinKnit. I’m a crocheter, and while I think knitting is lovely, I don’t enjoy doing it. I “get” crochet, it makes more sense to me, I enjoy its structural quality, and that I’m only working with one stitch at a time, rather than having an entire row on a needle (a nightmare when I used dpn’s to make a hat, and kept losing stitches off one end or the other).

So I was thinking that it would be interesting to take yarn from the same dyelot & compare the process of knitting, crocheting, and weaving, looking at the swatches and completed patterns. How the colors interact, what different size tools do to the drape, etc.
While I adore spinning, part of me thinks that it might be beneficial to use undyed yarn and dye it all together in one batch, to get more consistent results.

This would make an interesting Spin-Off article, I think. I’m a bit biased, since the majority of patterns in Spin-Off are knit, and, as I said, I don’t knit. So, rather than whine about them not catering to me, I’m going to contemplate what it would take to put this idea in motion.

Feedback highly encouraged – I’d love to hear from other fiber artists of any flavor!